We don’t fail at fitness and weight loss because we don’t know what to do. We fail because we don’t do it!

This guy knows what to do. Eat that delicious salad for lunch, not a bacon burger. And go for a nice long walk after work.  Everybody knows that. But guess what, he ain’t getting off the couch to do it.

Here’s the thing – any sensible eating and physical activity program is going to work. You might not know exactly what to do right now. But you can be sure that programs like A2BFastFit – First Things First and others will tell you exactly what simple and easy things you need to do to lose weight and reach your fitness goals. So learning what to do is the easy part.

The thing is, once people know what to do, they usually don’t do it!

The trick is, the secret is, you need reliable tools that keep you inspired and motivated. Not just while you are watching some motivation or fitness guru on YouTube getting you all charged up. We all know that the inspirational energy is going to last about an hour.

No, you need tools that will reliably keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day, every day. So that you can stay in charge of what you eat and what you do.

Think about it. The very most important part of any get-in-shape program, or any self-improvement program of any sort for that matter, is always missing. Yes, you need instruction about what to eat, and how calories work. And you need to know what fun activities burn how many calories. And you want to know the best exercises for toning up and building muscle.

BUT, that information is totally useless without real live useful tools that will continually inspire you and motivate you to turn down that cheesecake, and go for that walk with friends, when the willpower has weakened.  You need something “in your face” throughout the day that reminds you of your “why” and serves as your motivation and inspiration.

Here is 4 things you can do:

1- Write down, somewhere private, your 2 to 5 reasons why you want to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.  Somewhere private because sometimes the reasons are personal.  You want to look good for a certain person or an upcoming event.  Or you wish you looked and felt now like you did in your 20s but you really don’t want to talk about it.  This stuff can be personal so keep it private.

2- Find some photos that inspire you.  Perhaps photos of you from a time when you loved how you looked and felt.  Or photos that you find online of someone fabulous that you aim to look and feel like at the end of your weight loss and fitness journey.  And these photos go somewhere private too. Because they are personal to you and no one should judge your motivations.

3 – Keep your written reasons at hand at all times throughout the day.  Somewhere where you can check in with them when your willpower weakens.

4- Intentionally check it with your written reasons and your photos at least 4 scheduled times throughout the day, to keep you on track.

The learning what to do is really the easy part.  The problem is that we usually don’t do it.  Why – because we haven’t set up any motivation and inspiration tools as part of our process.  Follow steps 1 through 4 as part of any weight loss and fitness journey.  And for a daily coach and routine with all that built-in in a fun and easy way, check out the A2BFastFit – First Things First system right away.


About the Author Aaron

Hi guys. I’m Aaron Bernstein, of AaronB Fitness. I’ve held an American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification for 17 years. With 17 years of experience I know what works and what doesn’t, and therefore what will work for you. What sets me apart from other personal trainers is my genuine dedication to your success. I create a custom program for you based strictly on your goals, needs and preferences. And I stay engaged with you in and out of the gym. I am truly your coach. I've also been an electrical engineer, and an Intellectual Property Attorney for 25 years. But fitness is my thing, so here I am and I’m so thrilled that you’re here with me.

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