Want to Lose Weight? It’s way easier to eat less than to exercise more!

It’s super hard to out-exercise what you eat. There are too darn many calories in the unhealthy foods we’re tempted by each day.  So you’ll lose weight faster and easier by eating less more than by exercising more. It’s WAY easier to pass on that Snickers Bar than it is to log another hour on the treadmill. In fact I’m guessing that you’re really glad to hear this.

For most of us, the first step to getting to our best body is shedding a few (or a lot) of unwanted pounds. Once the pounds start to come off we can begin to see and work on the toned muscles. But we begin to look great just by losing that unwanted weight.

Losing weight is really, really simple. You just need to eat fewer calories than you burn each day. For every 3500 calories less compared to what you burn you lose a pound of fat. So over the days and short number of weeks the pounds come off.

Now I’m a huge fan of exercise. At a minimum staying active is essential because it provides so many important health benefits. And you can check out the A2BFastFit – First Things First Exer – Selector tool for the perfect way to bring more exercise and activity into your routine.

But let’s start where most of us need to, shedding some pounds. Take a look at the info-graphic. Would you rather run the five miles or turn your back on that doughnut at the office – and impress your friends by doing so? And poof – a tenth of a pound gone! Same with that Burger King Bacon Cheeseburger. Say no to that extra burger when it’s not meal time or you’re already full, and you won’t need to make up for it with an hour and twenty on the bike. Skip that extra slice of pepperoni pizza (298 calories) and avoid 30 minutes on the rowing machine.  You get the idea.

So – here’s the 5 things you can do (and why I created the A2BFastFit – First Things First System as your daily coach to do them):

1 – know how many calories your body burns every day

2 – learn to easily and accurately count your calories, and track them in some convenient way throughout the day

3 – aim to eat between 500 and 1000 calories less than you burn each day, so that you will lose 1 to 2 pounds per week

4 – have your motivation materials always at hand, such as your private written reasons for losing the weight and pictures or you or others that inspire you

5 – select some extra exercise or activity, that YOU chose, to add to your daily calorie burn

If this makes sense and you’d like it to be easy and fun, check out the A2BFastFit – First Things First system which sees to it that you get these things accomplished day in and day out to reach your goal!


About the Author Aaron

Hi guys. I’m Aaron Bernstein, of AaronB Fitness. I’ve held an American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification for 17 years. With 17 years of experience I know what works and what doesn’t, and therefore what will work for you. What sets me apart from other personal trainers is my genuine dedication to your success. I create a custom program for you based strictly on your goals, needs and preferences. And I stay engaged with you in and out of the gym. I am truly your coach. I've also been an electrical engineer, and an Intellectual Property Attorney for 25 years. But fitness is my thing, so here I am and I’m so thrilled that you’re here with me.

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