Be Realistic About Weight Loss and Exercise – Time for a Little Truth in Fitness

The big lie:

I have some disturbing news.  And we all already know it.  It’s just that nobody ever talks about it.

Here goes – The weight loss and fitness industry are for the most part full of hooey.  They sell you false promises and unreasonable expectations in an attempt to fleece you out of your hard-earned cash.

According to data by Marketdata Enterprises, a market research firm that specializes in tracking niche industries, Americans spend north of $60 billion annually to try to lose pounds, on everything from paying for gym memberships and joining weight-loss programs to drinking diet soda.

The hucksters say – “Buy these videos and you’ll have 6 pack abs in 6 weeks.”  “Swallow these pills and you be a modelesque bikini babe by summer.”  “Join our gym and you’ll look just like our photoshopped spokesmodel by spring.”

And then we simply can’t wait to fork over our dough.  And, what we promptly find we’ve paid for is a big fat serving (pun intended)…of dashed hopes and disappointment.

Wait, where are the 6 pack abs and the firm buttocks that I paid good money for?

And then discouragement sets in and we’re on the phone again with Dominos.  (Nothing against Dominos. It’s one of my guilty go tos maybe about once a month. We’re all human.  That’s the point!)

So, not only were we duped into wasting money, but we are worse off than we began because now we’re totally discouraged.

You know this to be true. Yes or no? That’s what’s going on.  (And be sure to leave a comment below. Agree or disagree, but let’s keep the conversation going.)

The big truth:

Look – the truth is, the vast vast vast (that’s 3 vasts, so this is very serious) majority of us need to drop some poundage.  And that will get us very satisfyingly on our way to looking better in the mirror if that’s what we’re after. (And let’s admit it.  We are.)

Here are the facts.

Time Magazine reported in October of 2017 that according to National Center for Health Statistics 40% of adults and 19% of young people in the United States are obese.  Not just overweight, but clinically obese.

And nearly 75% of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight. Nearly 30% of boys and girls under age 20 are either obese or overweight. (   We’ll…that’s just about everybody, isn’t it?  YIKES!

Now I’m a big fan of personal responsibility.  But the fact is we’ve been victims of other greed driven industries, for example fast food and refined sugar. So now what…

Look, we all love the idea of beach perfect bodies and 6 packs abs.  Something to aspire to for sure.  But that’s not what we need to be aiming for first things first.

We need to learn to sensibly drop some pounds, which we’ll be very happy with when we look in the mirror. And we need to sensibly bring activity and exercise into our daily and weekly routine.  Let’s accept that we are “real people” who need to deal with first things first.  Lose some weight. Get active.  Get educated about how we can do that in a fun way.  In 6 to 12 months we can start working on the 6 pack abs and the perfect beach body.


Here are the 4 steps for enjoyably and effectively easing into weight loss and more activity and exercise.

Step 1: Get comfortable with being realistic about what progress to expect. Realistic progress, losing a few pounds a month for example, will still be so satisfying and noticeable to you.  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by expecting 6 pack abs and buns of steel in 6 weeks.  First things first. Ease into your own weight loss and exercise journey in a realistic and enjoyable way.  That’s the only way it works. And you WILL be happy with the results that you’ll see.

Step 2: Get started and don’t be too hard on yourself. Lose weight by eating fewer calories each day than you burn. 500 a day less is good for 1 pound of fat lost per week.  1000 is good for 2 pounds of fat lost per week.  How to do that is simple.  See my video “Easily East Less to Lose Weight – You Can’t Out-Exercise Your Food.”  Watch it from YouTube so you can see all the links that you need in the description under the video.

Step 3: Enjoyably bring activity and exercise into your daily and weekly routine.  Activity and exercise that YOU pick! At your pace, on your terms. Every day pick some activity or exercise to do that you feel like doing.  Easy if need be, and challenging when you feel the motivation.  Again, see my video “Easily Bring Exercise into Your Routine.”  Watch it from YouTube so you can see the helpful links and instruction in the description below the video.

Step 4: Celebrate and take pride in your progress.  The progress you can realistically expect in a realistic time-frame. You’re not going to be prancing-naked Greek gods and goddesses in 6 weeks’ time. But you will be the fit role model to the vast vast vast majority of our population who are still stuck, confused and frustrated by the largely useless hooey that the fitness hucksters are selling.  And then you can enlighten the people around you to be inspired by what’s realistic rather than discouraged by what’s not.

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Hi guys. I’m Aaron Bernstein, of AaronB Fitness. I’ve held an American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification for 17 years. With 17 years of experience I know what works and what doesn’t, and therefore what will work for you. What sets me apart from other personal trainers is my genuine dedication to your success. I create a custom program for you based strictly on your goals, needs and preferences. And I stay engaged with you in and out of the gym. I am truly your coach. I've also been an electrical engineer, and an Intellectual Property Attorney for 25 years. But fitness is my thing, so here I am and I’m so thrilled that you’re here with me.

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