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Aaron Is Your Coach, 24/7 In The Palm Of Your Hand

Hi Guys. We’re so excited to announce live training with Aaron, locally and online through the App.  Check out the video and then get in touch with us right away to get started! Learn the details about Live Training with Aaron here.

All The Best!

Aaron & Team

How To: Count Calories, Plus Free Calculator Download!

In this video learn how to use the Cal – U – Lator to know how many calories you burn, and learn how to easily count your calories throughout the day from the Calorie Counting Tutorial.

And, get your FREE Cal – U – Lator and Calorie Counting Tutorial at these links:

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Realistic and Satisfying Weight Loss and Exercise


The big fitness lie, the truth, and the 4 steps to realistic and satisfying weight loss, exercise and fitness…

The Big Fitness Lie:
Most of what the fitness industry is selling us is false promises and unrealistic expectations.

The Big Truth:
We CAN easily and enjoyable make reasonable and VERY satisfying progress on our weight loss, exercise and fitness.

Here’s how – the four steps:

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Easily Bring Exercise Into Your Routine!

The 2 things you need to know, and the 5 quick and simple steps to take to bring activity and exercise into your routine!

You need to know:

1. If you want to keep moving, well…you need to keep moving!

2. You’re only going to do activities and exercise that YOU want to do! That’s a good thing! We can work with that.

5 quick and simple steps:

1. Get comfortable with the idea that ANY activity and exercise is great activity and exercise. So YOU pick!

2. Pick 3 to 5 that you’ll be glad to do from time to time.

3. Each morning pick one that YOU feel like!

4. At the appointed time, DO IT! You’ll want to. You picked!

5. After a while, try some new choices outside of your original comfort zone.

And there you have it — activity and exercise, THAT YOU LIKE!, is now part of your life. Easy – Peasy!


Check Out Our Branding Video – It’s Keeewh!

Thanks so much for checking out AaronB Fitness.  Keep coming back for terrific blog and video content, and the best weight loss and fitness how tos!  So fun!

You Can’t Out-Exercise Your Food!

You can’t out-exercise your food. In order to lose weight simply and easily, you need to eat less more than you need to exercise more!