EARLY 2019

What is F45?

The most fun you've every had doing something that's good, no great, for you. Stick with F45 and you'll literally see yourself grow younger, slimmer and more toned day after day right before your eyes.

12 to 27 stations. The set up is different every day !

You, your friends and classmates each start at a station. 

The music starts, and for the next 45 minutes you do all you can at each station for 30 to 45 seconds and then move to the next.

Your personal trainers coach you through each and every exercise. And the big screens also show you exactly what to do and where to move. 

F stands for FUNCTIONAL. Each movement uses your whole body in a way that conditions you to crush daily life. Whether it's carrying the baby and the groceries at the same time, shaving strokes off your golf game, or killing it on the dance floor on a Saturday night.

45 means 45 MINUTES of high energy exercise. The scientists agree, 45 minutes of exercise just like this and you are burning fat all day!



The phenomenon that began in Australia just a few years ago now with 1400 studios in 38 countries.

Taking New York by storm and we will have our very own in the heart of Great Neck.

45 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11021

Foundation Member Pricing Still Available

A very limited number of Tier 1 Foundation Memberships are still available.

Tier 1 Foundation Members secure ongoing pricing of just $44/week for unlimited training. Most members book 5 to 7 classes each week. Even at 4 classes per week, the Tier 1 pricing comes to just $11 per class!

That's less than half what you'd pay for a drop-in yoga or cycling or boot camp class. And one tenth what you'd pay for 1 on 1 personal training.  For workouts that are far more fun, with your own personal trainers, and far more effective than any of those.

And no long term commitments. Secure just one week at $44 and that price is yours for life. Cancel at any time, but as long as you continue you are entitled to the Tier 1 Foundation pricing for life. 

Shortly Tier 1 will be sold out. Tier 2 will be offered at $54/week, and after Grand Opening pricing will be $69 per week.  Still half what you'd pay per session for training that doesn't even compare.

But...it doesn't make sense not to secure your Tier 1 Foundation Member pricing on cancel at any time terms.