Three June Personal Training Promotions
Take advantage of all 3! Or just pick the ones that are right for you...

Aaron B.

Promo #1 - Huge Father's Day Discount on All Personal Training Sessions -10% OFF

At NOFO Wellness we make your personal training very affordable to begin with. And in honor of Father's Day, during the month of June we are offering 10% off single sessions, as well as 5-session and 10-session bundles when you buy online. Dad deserves his own fitness coach! And take advantage of the discount for yourself as well.

Click here to order right away online, and give Dad your order confirmation email as his certificate. Use coupon code: BESTDAD at checkout for your 10% off

Promo #2 - Learn Your Fitness Stats - FREE

Your FREE fitness stats assessment at the gym. You'll get all of this:

- Your body-fat-burning zone so you can get the most from your exercise

- Your daily calorie burn so you know how much you can eat and still lose a few pounds if that's your goal

- Your inches: chest, arms, waist, hips, legs and what that means about your health

- Your blood pressure and resting heart rate

- Your body-fat percentage

- Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

- And a consultation with Aaron who can answer your questions based on 17 years of certified fitness trainer experience

"Learn where you are so you can get where you’re going." No sweating or push-ups, promise. Just sit with our trainer for 20 minutes. Call now to schedule, 631.259.7077 and mention code: MYSTATS.

Promo #3 - Your Online and Through-the-App Personal Training Program - $10 OFF

$10 off of your first month of online personalized training through the Fitness App:

Perfect if you're not local or when you're away from the North Fork.

Your custom program designed by Aaron for your goals and preferences. Whether your goal is weight loss or tone-up or muscle-up. Whether you need to workout at home or at the gym. We create the perfect program for you! 

All the other online trainers give you a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all program and forget about you.  That's not personal training in our book. We provide you a personalized program, daily coaching and motivation from Aaron, and 24/7 access when you have questions. All through the AaronB Fitness App for way less than the price of just 2 training session.

Watch this 4 minute video to see how we provide you real personal training online --- through our amazing app:

Click here to get your first month, and use coupon code: MYTRAINER at checkout for your $10 off.

No risk - 100% money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied! 

Questions? Contact us at email: | phone: 631.259.7077