AaronB Fitness - Now Offering Live Training With Aaron

We're so excited to announce, not only in-person training for folks local to the North Fork, Long Island, New York, but also...our online coaching through the AaronB Fitness App.

Your custom program designed by Aaron for your goals and preferences. Whether your goal is weight loss or tone up or muscle up. Whether you need to workout at home or at the gym. We create the perfect program for you! Plus daily coaching and motivation from Aaron, and 24/7 access when you have questions. All through the AaronB Fitness App. Watch the intro video...

Sydney S., one of our star clients...

“Aaron taught me what I needed to know to finally achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. He creates your program, and coaches you through your journey 24/7. Thank you Aaron!"

Sydney S., Jacksonville NC

 Aa​​​​ron B.

The details:

Online/Remote Clients: Your custom program and 24/7 coaching from Aaron. Aaron designs your program, based on your preferences and goals, which goes into the AaronB Fitness App for you to follow. Aaron is going to message you daily about what’s coming up, about your progress, and to keep the motivation fire burning. And you can message Aaron 24/7 for all the input you need.

         Pricing – Just $98 for your entire month! That’s all-day-every-day customized coaching for way less than the usual price of 2 personal training sessions at the gym.

Full money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied!

Local Plans. If you’re local to North Fork, Long Island, choose from:

          - Single, or bundles, of in-person training sessions with Aaron. 50-minute workouts tailored to you that you will absolutely love! Come to the Cutchogue studio or we come to you with all the equipment needed for your workout.

                    Pricing - 50-minute sessions - $69 single session; $59 per session for a bundle of 5; $59 per session plus one free for a bundle of ten (so you get 11).

          - A mix of in-person training sessions together with your customized program in the AaronB Fitness App and 24/7 online training with Aaron.

                    Pricing – Local clients who participate in the $98 online 24/7 coaching and custom plan get in-person training sessions at $49 per session (up to 2 per month at this price).

Contact us at: info@aaronbfitness.com +1 (631) 259 - 7077